Gastrosecrets is one of the games from the Agency of Secrets games series, developed in the framework of the European project MED GAIMS GAmifIcation for Memorable tourist experienceS. It is an analogue street game that, like other games from the series, takes place in the city of Vilanova I la Geltrú, and is focused on discovery of the city’s historical gastronomic landscape.

The USP of this practice is that it provides a gamified experience of exploring the gastronomy of the Vilanova I la Geltrú and directly connects visitors to the restaurants of the city since players have to actually walk into the restaurants during the game. Moreover, as their reward at the end of the game, tourists receive the QR code that provides the link to six videos in which the chefs of the participant restaurants provide the players with historical authentic Catalan recipes and show them how to prepare these recipes.


The structure of the game includes:

Mechanics of the game: Moving around the city and solving enigmas on the way. One part of the game requires visitors to enter the restaurants to collect the information needed to solve the enigmas.

The objective: The story takes place in the 19th century and is conveyed through the character of Victor Balaguer. Users have to find the ‘Lost Recipe Book’ from the 19th century by solving enigmas.

Learning experience: Learning the historical recipes of the place. Moreover, the game tool, booklet, includes information on the history of the city in the 19th century, for example, on local fishing traditions.

Time of Play: More than 2 hours.

Target groups: Suitable for all ages 7+, and can be played in groups, couples or individually. Designed to attract local, national, and international travellers. 

Save the Castle: Saida Sea Castle Phy-gital Gamification Experience, Lebanon

The Saida Sea Castle is a historical fortress situated in the Lebanese Southern City of Saida. It is located at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea and has a long and rich history dating back to the Crusader period.

The castle’s historical significance and stunning architecture have been brought to light by the gamification experience “Save the Case” – a digital and physical (phy-gital) game that engages visitors and takes them through a historical battle reenactment. The players save the castle from attacking ships through a game that integrates a historically accurate trebuchet that works as a controller with a digital arcade gaming mechanism. The two-player game has cooperation at its core where one player will control the trebuchet with direction from the second player who is able to see the attacking ships being displayed on a monitor augmented over a digital model of the castle and the surrounding sea. The objective of the game is to sink as many ships as possible within 3 minutes while making sure the castle survives the incoming cannon attacks.

The Save the Castle gamification experience is intended to attract tourists and provide educational benefits through the historically accurate battle machines and the historical prompts that are displayed during the tutorial phase of the game. By interacting with the Saida Sea Castle gamification tourism experience, tourists get the chance to learn more about the history and culture behind the castle in an innovative way.

Target Groups: Locals and visitors, Families

Smyth – the Missing Sketchbook: Analog Gamification Experience

Alghero is a charming coastal city located in the northwestern region of Sardinia, an island in the Mediterranean Sea that belongs to Italy. The city has a rich history and culture that is deeply influenced by its Catalan heritage.

An innovative and great way to discover Alghero would be through Smyth – The Missing Sketchbook. Smyth is an analog gamification tourism experience that consists of an illustrated guide with riddles to solve. The game is based on Commander Smyth, a cartographer, and his arrival to Alghero to carry out a secret mission. Players get to use maps, investigative tools, puzzles, and archaeological finds to decipher Smyth’s notes and complete all the missing parts of the sketchbook. Through discovering the city of Alghero and solving riddles, players will solve the final enigma which would reveal the mystery behind Captain Smyth’s secret about Alghero.

Through tourism gamification experiences, visitors get to experience the beauty, history, and culture of Alghero in an innovative and engaging adventure.

Target Audience: local and visitor tourists, families, and young adults