The Database of Sustainable Tourism Products in the Mediterranean is an online catalogue of sustainable tourism products in the Mediterranean region. The database allows users to search for sustainable tourism products based on six types of sustainable tourism: adventure tourism, cultural tourism, ecotourism, experiential tourism, gamification tourism and slow tourism. Providers of sustainable tourism can upload their products and if they meet the sustainability criteria, they are shown in an interactive map of the Mediterranean region.



Sustainable tourism may be interpreted as a resource‐concerned tourism development ethic that considers all stakeholders’ needs, such as those of the public sector, voluntary organizations, the media, the tourism industry, host communities, and tourists and that takes into account the continuity of the resources, particularly in the environmental, social, cultural and economical aspects.

In other words, sustainable tourism consists in achieving a balance between the development of tourism on one side, and environmental, socio-cultural and economic sustainability on the other.